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FrankenPaper Moving Frankenstein Monster Head-in-a-Box Illusion


This is a great optical illusion paper model that kids and grownups will love!

When you pass in front of box, the Frankenstein Monster paper model head will follow you!

Not just for Halloween, makes fun decor for a kids room or dorm room.

Strategically place it to greet Halloween visitors!

Frankenstein head in a box illusion

Download paper model patterns:

[Nose] [Eyes] [Hair] [Frame 1] [Frame 2] [Frame Template] [Box Template]


Frankenstein head in a box illusion

Monster in a box illusion Instructions:
Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 3 - Step 4

A free Halloween paper model that will fascinate! Frankenstein monster head in a box that seems to follow you as you move past! Make a great Halloween illusion decor...