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FrankenPaper Frankenstein Monster Paper Model Bust - A free papercraft Monster

Display our FrankenPaper Monsters anywhere, on top of your computer monitor, on your mantel. As a room guardian, in the window to scare Halloween trick or treaters! Place a small flashlight (we used a tiny LED flashlight) under/in front of FrankenPaper and he will glow and look scary on Halloween night!

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FrankenPaper Paper Model Bust
In honor of the 186th Anniversary (03-11-2004) of Mary Shelley's horror novel Frankenstein. Here is our version of that loveable reanimated monster in paper! We call him FrankenPaper!

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To Print-Out Paper Model at full size, download any of the images/templates. To download from a browser, right click on the image/template, if you are using Internet Exporer, choose "Save Picture As" - if you are using Netscape, choose "Save Image As". Remember where you save the file on your computer. Open the image in Microsoft Paint which comes with the Windows operating system, (or a paint program you know well) Choose File and then choose Page Setup. In the area that says "Scaling" choose 100%. Do not use "Fit To Page" because the pages will all print out at different scales. Related Example Image Here

Download patterns: [Face] [Hair] [Neck] [Back] [Chest]

Click for larger imageMy Tools : Almost any scissors will work just fine. Because I do so much cutting I prefer to have my Fiskars scissors. Apart from that I use cheap plastic paint brushes to apply the glue, Elmers white glue and a recloseable plastic bowl to contain the glue. When the glue starts to get too dry I have an empty glue bottle filled with water to re-hydrate the dry glue. To print out the models I use standard printer paper.