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Dracula Paper Model Bust Instructions

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Tab 1
Tab 2
Tab 3

On tabs 1 & 2 be sure to wait for the glue to dry before moving on. This will make an important difference later when you go to shape the nose.
Tab 4
Tab 5
Tab 6
Tab 7
Tab 8
Tab 9

Tabs 9-12 are too small to label so I showed them on the chart on the page.
Tab 10
Tab 11
Tab 12
Tab 13
Tab 14
Tab 15
Tab 16
Tab 17
Tab 18
Tab 19
Tab 20
Crush Nose

Start by putting your finger in his nose (from the back).

Then crush the tip of tabs 1 & 2 against the thumb nail if your other hand.
Now shape the nose by pushing it back out with your finger nail on the inside and mold it with your hand on the outside.
Crush Chin

Just like the nose, put your finger inside and crush the point of the tab with your thumb nail.

Now push it back out with your finger nail and wound it out with your other hand.

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